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Design Principles

I took the initiative of leading the design principle creation.

With a few rounds of discussions and workshops, my team came up with 5 design principles specific for Catchpoint, aiming to build a good foundation for our product designs.

Project Duration: 2 Months

My Role

Lead Designer

Key Words



Workshop Design


Public Speech

Information Architecture


Yanbin Song (UX Designer)

Ambroise Bellec (UX Designer)

Peter Andrews (UX Design Manager)

What are design principles?

Design principles are the foundation of good products.

It is a set of consideration that express a shared vision for great products.

Why do we need them?

Used by individuals, companies and various teams, design principles are different based on the organizations.

Design principles help to align people around what matters, and guide the team to make better, fast design decisions.

Work Process

From my research, teamwork is the key for the best set of design principles.


Therefore, I constructed workshop structures, tested them out with myself first to improve on any issues, and successfully led my team to develop 5 principles specific for our company.

Design principle flow.png

Due to Covid, all were working from home, so I digitalized the workshops. 

I created responsive sticky note templates and scales beforehand, to make sure the collaboration goes smoothly.

design principles process 1.png

Process: each person picked a color and brainstormed ideas. Then we started merging similar ones and grouping them into categories.

design principles scale.png

Process: ranking the organized groups in scale of effort and importance.

'Great workshops, very well organized.'